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Claressa’s final journey from France to Switzerland

After a short 1 hour flight from Orly airport to Geneva airport, Claressa finally arrived in Switzerland, marking the beginning of her final destination on her European business trip. As she stepped into the brisk Swiss air, the picturesque views of the surrounding Alps welcomed her. Since she arrived late at night, all there was left to do was to head to her hotel to rest for the night before her day of meetings with architects and dealers commence the next day.

Meeting with Dealer 1: Hedi Niemczuk and Sebastian Mathys, Remarq

On her first full day in Switzerland, Claressa had productive meetings with two key dealers: Hedi Niemczuk and Sebastian Mathys from Remarq and Sébastien Wenger from Wenger Acoustic SA. She first met with the team at Remarq, a company specialising in innovative marketing solutions. During the meeting, she introduced Aid’s mission and product offerings, discussing how they could align with Remarq’s strategies to create impactful marketing campaigns. The dialogue opened up several avenues for potential collaboration, focusing on leveraging both companies’ strengths to enhance their market presence. This partnership discussion marked a significant step towards mutual growth and success in their respective fields.

Meeting with Dealer 2: Sébastien Wenger, Wenger Acoustic SA

After a productive meeting with the team at Remarq, Claressa proceeded to meet with Sébastien Wenger from Wenger Acoustic SA, a Swiss company specialising in acoustic solutions. She had a fruitful meeting with the team, as she introduced Aid’s innovative building materials, exploring how they could enhance Wenger Acoustic’s projects. The discussion focused on potential synergies between the two companies, particularly in terms of integrating sustainable acoustic solutions into construction projects. Both parties expressed enthusiasm about the possibilities for collaboration, marking an encouraging step towards leveraging their combined expertise for innovative developments. 

After a day filled with productive meetings, Claressa enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant, savouring Swiss culinary specialties. With a satisfied palate, she headed back to her hotel to rest. The comforting meal and the serene environment of the hotel provided the perfect end to her busy day, allowing her to recharge and prepare for the activities she had planned ahead in the coming days.

Snowboarding Adventures in Zermatt

After spending almost the entire previous day meeting with dealers, it was time for some fun winter activities! Without a doubt, when in Zermatt, the one thing you must do is snowboard — and that is exactly what Claressa did.

Claressa’s snowboarding experience in Zermatt was truly memorable. Surrounded by the majestic Alps, she spent two days mastering the slopes, enjoying the crisp mountain air and stunning views. Each descent brought a rush of adrenaline and joy, providing an escape from her business responsibilities. This active break in the iconic Swiss resort not only revitalised Claressa but also allowed her to appreciate the natural beauty and serenity of Zermatt’s snowy landscape.

Taking the Glacier Express

Following her snowboarding experience in Zermatt, Claressa embarked on a journey from Zermatt to St Moritz on the Glacier Express. It was certainly an unforgettable experience. As the train zoomed past the Alpine heartland of Switzerland, she was treated to a panoramic view of stunning landscapes, including deep gorges, soaring bridges, and pristine mountain lakes. The comfort of the train, combined with the breathtaking scenery, provided a relaxing and picturesque travel experience.

Final sentiments about Switzerland

As Claressa’s Europe trip neared its end, she found herself reflecting on the various experiences she had gathered. From business meetings to breathtaking moments of leisure such as snowboarding in Zermatt and traveling on the Glacier Express, each experience had enriched her both professionally and personally. With a final glance at the stunning Swiss landscapes, she prepared to return home back to Singapore.



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