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From London to Paris

After wrapping up her engaging visit in London, Claressa embarked on the next leg of her European journey, heading to France. As she ascended over London’s cityscape, the journey by air provided her with a moment to reflect on her upcoming engagements. Landing in Paris, Claressa felt excited for the new opportunities and cultural experiences that awaited her in the heart of France.

Exploring Paris's Iconic Landmarks

Claressa spent her first two days in Paris indulging in the city’s iconic attractions, dedicating her time to leisure and exploration. First she visited the Louvre, where she wandered through the vast halls, marvelling at world-renowned artworks such as the iconic Mona Lisa painting. After spending a good hour or two in the gallery, Claressa took a short walk to the nearby Seine River, where she gazed upon the endless sea of people going about their day in the bustling city. 

That same evening, Claressa visited the iconic Eiffel Tower, experiencing the entirety of its beauty illuminated against the night sky. The tower, lit by thousands of sparkling lights, offered a spectacular view of Paris at night. This nighttime visit was not just a sightseeing highlight but a memorable moment of reflection and admiration for the enduring symbol of Parisian culture.

Meeting with Architect 1: Fabien Roucoux, Acoustique et Conseil

After two full days of exploring the city, Claressa arranged a meeting with Fabien Roucoux from Acoustique et Conseil, one of her key dealers in France. Fabien, with his deep understanding of the local market, offered valuable insights into customer preferences and trends that could influence future product offerings. This meeting not only strengthened their professional relationship but also paved the way for new opportunities in the European market.

While she was in France, Claressa only held a single business meeting with a key dealer, focusing on potential collaborative efforts. After fulfilling her professional obligations, she spent the remainder of her trip enjoying the scenic and cultural offerings throughout France. This leisurely exploration allowed her to immerse herself in the rich French heritage, from historic sites and museums to culinary delights, enhancing her overall experience of the country.

Final Sentiments about France

As Claressa concluded her stay in France, she reflected on the fruitful outcomes of her business interactions and the incredible cultural experiences she had savoured. Alongside the professional parts of the trip, the visits to iconic landmarks like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower at night enriched her journey, leaving her with lasting impressions and a deeper appreciation of Parisian charm. Au revoir!



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