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The Beginning

Welcome to Elijah’s travel diary! Over the next eleven days, from March 4th to March 14th, 2024, he’ll take you along on a business trip that spans several cities in the Middle East — Dubai, Doha, and Riyadh. Albeit the main purpose of the trip is for business, this journey encompasses work, culture, and exploration. From business discussions with international dealers to enjoying local cuisines and soaking in the rich cultural tapestry of each city, this trip is set to be an exciting mix of productivity and discovery. Read on to discover his insights and experiences from each destination as he navigates through various time zones, meetings, and the occasional leisurely pause.

En route from Geneva to Dubai

On March 4th, Elijah embarked on the first leg of his multi-city Middle East business trip, flying from Geneva to Dubai. After missing his original flight to Dubai, he finally arrived at Dubai’s Silkhaus Hotel in the middle of Palm Jurmeirah at 4am!

Throughout the flight, Elijah was mixed with anticipation and reflection as he prepares himself for the next leg of business meetings and novel experiences. The flight provided him a much-needed pause to strategise and rest before diving into the bustling business environment of Dubai.

Exploring the City

On March 5th, Elijah’s first full day was packed with exploration and excitement under the bright and sunny skies of Dubai. He started his day with a refreshing view from a beach near Palm Jumeirah, where the grand Ain Dubai loomed impressively in the distance.

Midday, he ventured to the Dubai Museum of the Future. It is known for its futuristic design and innovative exhibits, and explores potential futures shaped by advancements in science and technology. The museum serves as a hub for innovation, featuring immersive exhibits that inspire visitors to imagine the possibilities of the future, particularly in the areas of space exploration, climate change, and biotechnology. 

Meeting with Dealer 1: Nithin, Kinetics Middle East

After a whole morning of sightseeing, Elijah met with Nithin from Kinetics Middle East. They shared a delightful meal at a renowned restaurant on Palm Jumeirah, discussing potential business opportunities and enjoying the scenic ocean backdrop. They explored how combining their strengths could lead to innovative solutions in their respective fields. The discussion opened up possibilities for future joint projects, setting a positive tone for ongoing cooperation.

The day concluded with a visit to the Burj Khalifa at night, where Elijah captured a stunning video of Dubai’s nightlife from the tallest building in the world. The view from above offered a spectacular panorama of bustling streets, dazzling skyscrapers, and shimmering reflections on the waterways below. It was an incredibly mesmerising sight to witness and Elijah was grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Meeting with Dealer 2: Abbas, Wow Factor

Over the next three days, Elijah engaged in a series of meetings with key dealers across Dubai, including Wow Factor, Akinco, Moov Group, and Al Namariq.

His schedule started off with a visit to Wow Factor’s beautiful office to meet with dealer Abbas Merchant. Elijah had a productive meeting with the team from Wow Factor, where they discussed potential partnerships between their companies. During their conversation, they explored the strengths and core competencies of each business, identifying synergies that could lead to collaborative projects. The meeting proved fruitful, setting the groundwork for future interactions and potential business opportunities. After a productive business meeting, the team at Wow Factor brought Elijah out for a delectable meal at Mama’esh.

Meeting with Dealer 3: Induprasad, Al Namarique

This was followed by more insightful meetings with other dealers such as the team at Al Namariq.

At Al Namarique, Elijah and the team discussed potential collaborations between their companies. They exchanged information about their respective business strengths and explored opportunities for partnership that could benefit both entities. The conversation opened doors to possible joint ventures and set a positive tone for future interactions.

Meeting with Dealer 4: Amit Tayal, Akinco

Elijah met with Mr Amit Tayal and his team at Akinco. They gave him a warm welcome and were really friendly. Elijah had a productive meeting with the team at Akinco, focusing on exploring potential collaborative opportunities between their companies. They discussed their respective business capabilities and identified areas where they could work together to leverage each other’s strengths. The meeting laid the groundwork for potential joint projects, marking the beginning of what could be a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Meeting with Dealer 5: Suresh Nair and Renjith Babu, Moov Group

Next, Elijah met with Mr Suresh Nair, Renjith Babu, and their team at Moov Group. Since they are especially big on doing fabric systems, Elijah had an engaging and meaningful discussion with them as Aid also has an extensive Fabric system profile and this is a shared area of interest that both companies share. The conversation covered their respective strengths and explored how collaboration could lead to innovative solutions in their industries. This meeting set a promising foundation for future cooperative ventures, potentially benefiting both parties.

Final Sentiments about Dubai

Each meeting offered Elijah valuable insights into the intricacies of the Middle Eastern markets and presented him with stronger business connections. Elijah’s time in Dubai proved to be a highly productive and enriching experience as he not only expanded his professional network but also gained deeper insights into the business landscape of the Middle East. At the same time, the vibrant city also allowed him to appreciate the local culture and dynamic atmosphere. His stay in Dubai definitely caused him to feel invigorated and optimistic about the future collaborations that might arise from the connections he made.



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