Come along with us to London!

The Beginning

Welcome to Claressa’s travel diary! From 19th February to 4th March 2024, she’ll be exploring the UK, France, and Switzerland, combining business with cultural exploration. While her main focus of the trip is on work, she also takes the time to engage with local cultures, dine on regional specialties, and visit key landmarks. Join Claressa as she shares insights and experiences from her travels across Europe!

Arrival at Heathrow Airport, London, UK

The first stop of Claressa’s Europe trip was to London. Upon arrival at Heathrow airport at 10pm, she headed straight to her hotel for a good night’s rest. Her late evening touchdown sets the stage for the busy days ahead as she prepares for her business agenda and to explore the rich heritage of the UK.

Exploring Shoreditch, London

After getting adequate rest from the night before, Claressa indulged in a hearty English breakfast the next morning and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon exploring Shoreditch, an area full of cultural vibrancy and artistic flair. As she strolled through the neighbourhood, Claressa was captivated by the colourful street art and the seasonal beauty of spring flowers adorning the urban landscape, allowing her to soak in the unique blend of historical and modern influences that define Shoreditch.

Meeting with Dealer 1: Acoustics GRG

After a pleasant afternoon exploring Shoreditch, Claressa headed to her first meeting with Matthew Moule from Acoustics GRG, whose office is located in Folkstone, Kent. Matthew shared insights into the latest trends in acoustic design, while Claressa presented how these could integrate with her company’s products to enhance building projects. The exchange was informative, establishing a promising start to the rest of her business meetings in Europe. Here Claressa and Elijah are on the way to a meeting with Matthew Moule, Acoustics GRG.

Meeting with Architect 1: Sacha Leong, Nice Projects

Over the next two days in the UK, Claressa continued meeting more dealers and architects. She met a total of three of them during her next two days in the UK, with the first architect being Sacha Leong from Nice Projects. She had a productive session with Sacha and was able to gain many valuable insights from their meeting. She introduced her company’s latest products and discussed how they could work together to meet the specific needs of her clients’ projects.

Meeting with Dealer 2: Rupert Nahum, Resonics

Claressa had a productive meeting with Rupert Nahum from Resonics, a company specialising in creating superior acoustic environments. Their discussion centred on leveraging Claressa’s innovative building materials to enhance Resonics’ projects, particularly in ways that improve sound quality and reduce noise in various settings. The exchange was fruitful, setting a foundation for potential collaborative projects that combine Claressa’s materials with Resonics’ expertise in acoustics.

Meeting with Dealer 3: Michael Arthur, Quiet Interiors

Claressa had a productive meeting with Michael Arthur, from Quiet Interiors, a company known for its expertise in enhancing indoor environments through superior soundproofing solutions. Their discussion explored the integration of Claressa’s innovative building materials with Quiet Interiors’ projects to improve acoustics and reduce noise in various settings. The meeting was fruitful, paving the way for potential collaborative efforts that leverage both companies’ strengths in creating quieter, more comfortable indoor spaces.

A Flavourful Evening at Dishoom

After a long day of meetings with various dealers and architects, Claressa enjoyed a lovely dinner at Dishoom, a renowned restaurant celebrated for its Bombay-inspired cuisine. Nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, the restaurant offered her a delightful taste of India through its array of flavourful dishes and vibrant atmosphere. As she savoured specialties like the house black daal and spicy lamb chops, Claressa appreciated the nostalgic decor that evoked the old Irani cafés of Bombay, making her dining experience both delicious and memorable.

A Night Watching Les Misérables

That very same night after a delectable dinner at Dishoom, Claressa caught a performance of “Les Misérables” at one of the city’s famed West End theatres. Immersed in the epic tale set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, she was moved by the powerful performances and the stirring music. The experience of watching this beloved musical, renowned for its profound storytelling and emotional depth, was a highlight of her cultural explorations in the city as this is not something she gets to normally do back home in Singapore.

Royal Farewell: Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace

On her last day in London, Claressa visited the iconic Buckingham Palace, a must-see for any visitor. She was fortunate to witness the traditional Changing of the Guard procession, a splendid display of British pomp and ceremony. The precise movements of the guards, set against the grandeur of the palace, made for a memorable spectacle. This regal experience was a fitting conclusion to Claressa’s enriching and diverse journey through London.

Final Sentiments about London

As Claressa’s visit to London came to an end, she looked back on the fulfilling blend of professional and cultural experiences. The city had not only hosted her fruitful business meetings with key partners but also offered her memorable cultural moments, from the aromatic dishes of Dishoom to the dramatic scenes of “Les Misérables,” and the stately Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Each business discussion and historical sight deepened her connection to London, enriching her visit to a great extent.



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