Come along to Seattle & Colorado, USA!

The Beginning

Welcome to Ray’s travel diary! Join her as she ventures to the States from 26 January to 9 February 2024 for a trip that combines business with leisure. Ray’s itinerary is packed with important meetings in the heart of Seattle’s tech scene and distributed with moments of leisure where she explores iconic landmarks like the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden. Stay tuned as Ray shares her experiences in the bustling city atmosphere while finding time to enjoy the scenic views and local flavours of America.

Arrival to Boulder, Colorado

After an excruciating 27 hour flight from Singapore, the longest flight of her life, Ray finally arrived in Boulder, Colorado. Feeling lethargic after a long day of travelling, she headed straight to her hotel. Given the late hour, Ray decided the best course of action was to get some rest to recharge for the busy days ahead.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Boulder

After overcoming the serious jet lag and getting an adequate amount of rest the night before, Ray was ready to explore the natural beauty of Boulder. She took a road trip and seized the opportunity to visit Mount Galbraith Park, a renowned spot for its stunning hiking trails and panoramic views. The park, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, offered her a chance to unwind and reconnect with nature. As she trekked the various trails, Ray was captivated by the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and the diverse flora, making it a refreshing counterpoint to her busy work schedule.

Ray’s hike at Mount Galbraith Park was an adventure through a rugged and scenic landscape. The park, located near Golden, Colorado, features steep trails and expansive views of the surrounding foothills and valleys. As she navigated the rocky terrain, she encountered patches of snow and areas shaded by evergreen trees. The clear blue sky provided a striking backdrop to the sunlit hills and distant plains, making the hike both challenging and visually rewarding. The quiet and natural beauty of the park offered a peaceful and refreshing outdoor experience, one that is hard to achieve back home in Singapore. 

Meeting with Architect 1 in Colorado: Sustainable Materials

After a day of fun and sightseeing, it was time for some serious business meetings. Ray met with Architect Pete Nichols from Sustainable Materials and it was highly productive. They discussed potential collaborations involving the integration of sustainable building materials into upcoming architectural projects. Pete, with his deep expertise in eco-friendly design, was particularly interested in how Aid’s innovative materials could contribute to more sustainable construction practices. This meeting set the stage for a promising partnership, aligning both their visions towards building greener structures.

Here’s Ray in front of Sustainable Materials’ office in Boulder!

Ray’s journey from Boulder to Seattle

After an incredible time in Boulder, Ray began her journey to Seattle. Upon her arrival, she settled into her downtown hotel, ready to once again balance her business meetings with explorations of the new city she was in. After unpacking, she headed out to catch her first glimpse of the city, choosing the vibrant waterfront as her starting point to soak in the scenic views of Elliott Bay as the sun set. This simple, leisurely walk was the perfect kickoff to her Seattle adventure.

Watching the sunset at Elliott Bay in Seattle provided Ray with the most striking view of the cityscape. The iconic Space Needle stood tall among the rest of the buildings, reflecting the warm colours of the setting sun. As the sky transitioned into shades of pink and orange, the sun casted a glow over the waterfront and highlighted the urban skyline. The serene atmosphere and the changing light made this a captivating and peaceful moment in the heart of Seattle. It was the perfect way to end off Ray’s first day in Seattle. 

Meeting with Dealer 1: Gypsorb

After an evening of settling in to a new environment and exploring the city, Ray kick-started her first business meeting with Gypsorb the next morning, a notable architecture firm in Seattle. Held in Gypsorb’s downtown office, the discussion focused on potential collaborations that could blend their innovative design techniques with Aid’s sustainable building materials. The session was fruitful, with both sides eager to explore how they could work together on future projects that emphasise environmental sustainability and advanced architectural designs. 

Here Ray met with Ken Huber and his team at Gypsorb’s office at 1143 NW 52nd St. They were all extremely welcoming and hospitable, and Ray had a great time sharing with them about her company and products and also learning more about their company.

During her meeting with Gypsorb, Ray introduced Aid’s innovative product lines such as Fabrix™ and Timberix™. She gave insights as to how these sustainable building materials could integrate into Gypsorb’s architectural projects, emphasising their eco-friendly properties and the aesthetic value they add to modern constructions. The presentation intrigued the Gypsorb team, who saw potential in using these products for their upcoming designs focused on sustainability and innovation.

Exploring Seattle's Icons

After a productive meeting, Ray took some time to explore two of Seattle’s most iconic attractions: the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. She marvelled at the panoramic views of the city skyline and Puget Sound from the observation deck of the Space Needle, taking in breaths of fresh air. Later, she wandered through the vibrant displays of the Chihuly Garden, captivated by the intricate glass sculptures that seamlessly integrated with the natural environment, reflecting a perfect combination of art and nature.

Meeting with Architect 2: SSA Acoustics

Following her day off exploring Seattle’s icons, Ray went on to meet a second architect, Alan Burt and his team, at SSA Acoustics the next day. Held at SSA’s local office, the meeting was centred around exploring potential collaborations that could leverage Aid’s acoustically innovative materials in SSA’s architectural projects. Ray presented case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Aid’s products in enhancing acoustic performance in various settings, initiating discussions about future opportunities to integrate these solutions into SSA’s designs. The dialogue was engaging and opened pathways for potential partnerships focused on acoustic innovation. It was certainly a fruitful meeting with the team! This is Ray in front of SSA Acoustics’ office in Seattle!

The end of Ray’s travels in the States

After three business meetings and getting her fair share of fun, Ray’s trip across the States came to a close. Nearing the end of her trip, Ray reflected on the rich experiences and fruitful business meetings that marked her journey. From the inspiring architectural discussions in Seattle to the serene hikes in Boulder, this trip not only expanded her professional network but also left her feeling rejuvenated. The combination of business and leisure provided Ray with valuable insights and new perspectives that she is eager to incorporate into her work.



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