Timberix™ Microperforated

Pal Mall Wine Club, Singapore

Rockett Studio

We are Aid.

Aid is a building materials company headquartered in Singapore. We believe construction materials should be multi-faceted. We put a lot of care into making sure our materials look good, has great acoustics, are safe in a fire, friendly to the planet, and built to last.

SeaWorld, Yas Island

In the newly built Abu Dhabi SeaWorld’s Flamingo Point, an innovative acoustic solution has been introduced. The space features 12mm Polyx™ polyester baffles, intricately CNC cut into wave patterns, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustics. These baffles play a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional auditory experience for visitors, harmonizing the blend of design and sound at Flamingo Point.

"Building materials are the alphabet with which we write the stories of our cities."

― Jeanne Gang


Fabric System for Interior


Timber Acoustic Panels


Aluminium Ceiling System

Our Story

Aid started because a few bright-eyed team members wanted to make a meaningful impact in the world of building materials.

Through dedicated efforts and innovative thinking, we've transformed this vision into reality, offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge building materials that redefine the standards of excellence.

Join the Team

From sales representative to business development executive and internship opportunities, explore our open roles.

Fun & Play

We like to think of ourselves as a young startup where work and fun exists together.

"In the world of construction, building materials are the language through which structures communicate with their environment."

― Renzo Piano

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